What I Learned at School This Summer: Chpt. 1

Just returned from 2.5 days at the Annual IAACN (International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists) Conference on Nutrition and Epigenetics.  Very sobering.  The effects of GMO’s (Genetically Modified, foods like corn, wheat and soy grown in the U.S.) even more devastating than previously realized.  Eating genetically modified foods will not only damage every organ system in your body, it also damages your genes and thus your offspring.  Extensive research on this (conducted both here and abroad) is officially ignored in the U.S.  The argument that genetic modification produces greater yields is false (GMO yields are actually less and the plants are weaker).  The goal here is, apparently, to make plants resistant to Roundup (glycophosphate, marketed ((falsely)) as an environmentally-friendly herbicide).  Bottom Line: it’s all about Monsanto’s bottom line.  Take Home Message: Eat organic while you can (legislation pending in a number of states to limit access to organic foods).